"As Body Psychotherapists we have brought essential areas of human existence into consciousness and we have developed powerful methods and techniques to touch these. At the same time there os a lack of well-formulated descriptions and concepts of the phenoma we work with.
Research into the efficacy of Body Psychotherapy is essential to the future development of the Body Psychotherapy profession."
Joop Valstar
Address to the Science & Research Committee Symposum Cambridge 2012

Research, in the field of Body Psychotherapy is increasing, spurred on by the work of individual researchers, some in private practice, others working within a university system, and by some the work being done in the field of neuroscience.

Check out what has already been done – The evidence-base for Body Psychotherapy.

The EABP Science and Research Committee works hard to promote research in Body Psychotherapy, and they continue to organize a regular Research Symposium as part of the bi-annual EABP Congress. Their work has also revolved around encouraging more awareness of a science and research culture amongst practitioners in our profession.

While there has not been any funding so far for bigger research projects, the committee has been concentrating on a Case Study project. They have established a set of EABP Case Study Guidelines, presented case studies at a congress symposium, and recently (Sept. 2018) sponsored a new book on Body Psychotherapy Case Studies in collaboration with Body Psychotherapy Publications.

They have also initiated a questionnaire on research awareness (with over 400 responses). The results of this survey has been written up in the International Body Psychotherapy Journal Volume 1 Spring 2019.