National Associations

National Associations bring body psychotherapists from different modalities and backgrounds together in a country to exchange and collaborate. Thay are semi-autonomous and represent the EABP in their country.

There are ways in which EABP can promote BP in the whole of Europe. And then there are ways in which this promotion needs to happen on a more local/national level. This is what the NAs do. They,

  • Strengthen the specific identity of body psychotherapists and create a sense of belonging to their profession
  • Process membership applications in their own language
  • Give support to members where needed
  • Ensure the quality of their members
  • Ensure the Ethics Guidelines are followed
  • Organize workshops, peer supervision, symposia and mini congresses
  • Have their own Newsletter
  • Support the translation of valuable documents and other publications into the local language
  • Are actively involved in the development and establishment of a national law for psychotherapy in their country with the support of their members and the EABP.

National Associations retain 47% of membership fees collected and process membership applications in their country. They have their own newsletters, and run workshops and seminars, CPD and other activities.