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"What I bear in mind as I work on behalf of you and EABP as a whole are: unity in our diversity, respecting and supporting differentiation and coming to mutual understandings in collaborative efforts, deepening cooperative dialogues and staying focused on the health and vitality of EABP and its members as we continue to work together."
Carmen Joanne Ablack: EABP President

You are now one of 900 EABP members throughout Europe (and the world), whether you have joined through one of our National Associations, or directly through the EABP.  We hope that this Membership will offer you an enriching experience – a ‘professional home’ in the wider psychotherapeutic community.

You have the possibility to expand your horizons by networking with therapists from different cultures, languages and coming from diverse backgrounds. You will be able to build relationships with others who, like you, believe that body psychotherapy is a natural choice for those seeking an integrated body-mind approach to improving their general health and well-being.

We hope that you will be stimulated and motivated to grow and expand your knowledge and understanding of the therapeutic process by exchanging ideas, exploring techniques and collaborating on research and training with other colleagues.

We encourage you to get the most benefit out of your EABP Membership.