"EABP initiates and promotes the development of the profession of body psychotherapy through books, articles, videos, journals."

There is an enormous wealth of written material about Body Psychotherapy – books and articles on the history, theory and practice as well as on specific Body Psychotherapy modalities.

Writing in English authors such as Christina Bader-Johansson, Barnaby B. Barratt, David Boadella, Michael Heller, Lisbeth Marcher, Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar, Babette Rothschild, Michael Soth, Kathrin A. Stauffer, Nick Totton, Gill Westland, Courtenay Young to name a few, have all made wonderful contributions to developing our profession.

In German there are the contributions of Heinrich-Clauer, Vita (Ed),Ulfried Geuter, Gustl Marlock, Frank Röhricht, Manfred Thielen, Halko Weiss, Joachim Vieregge, Ralf Vogt, and many others.

In Italian (and translated into English) Genovino Ferri, Luciano Rispoli, Maurizio Stupiggia

Other books are available in Italian, French, Serbian, Spanish.

Highly recommended to anyone curious about Body Psychotherapy.

EABP Publications Committee:

Chair: Carmen Joanne Ablack, Adam Banbury