Body Psychotherapy Student Final Paper Award

This award was set up  to stimulate EABP Training Institutes to establish a final paper in their trainings in order to encourage more critical thinking and writing abilities among our future body psychotherapists. The award has been presented at the EABP biennial congress since 2012.

Deadline 2023 Award: May 31st 2023

We encourage students to express something of their own personal involvement when working in the field of body psychotherapy and to demonstrate the evidence of their clinical practice and their theoretical or scientific thinking in the form of a ‘paper’.

We hope the submitted paper will add to the knowledge base about Body Psychotherapy or Somatic Psychology. Whilst it does not have to be a piece of original scientific research or a particular in-depth study, we are mainly looking for originality, authenticity, a personal involvement with the topic, and the integration of the author’s own clinical practice with theoretical and methodological thinking. Submissions can be oriented to any method or modality within Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Psychology.

When the paper is in the form of a case study, we recommend that students consider the EABP Case Study Guidelines, as well as the other recommended reading (see below). Case studies are an invaluable record of the clinical practices of Body Psychotherapy and can help other people understand something of the change process that happens in this field.

Previously awarded Prizes:

Robert Brumărescu, PhD (Società Italiana Di Analisi Reichiana, Italy) Psicosi maniaco-depressiva: evidenze cliniche e trattamento analitico-reichiano

Marialuisa Biggio 
(Società Italiana Di Analisi Reichiana) Danza Orientale

Mona Gollwitzer (Institut für Atem- und Körperpsychotherapie, Germany- Switzerland) Ich geh dann mal weg.” Kommunikation bei dissoziativen Phänomenen in der Atem- und Körperpsychotherapie

Liron Lipkies (Reidman International College for Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Israel) The language of crying in body psychotherapy

Grégoire Rodembourg (Ecole Biodynamique, France) Lacan Biodynamique: un Autre regard sur les psychoses

Rachel Shalit (Reidman International College for Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Israel) Efficiency of Psychotherapy involving Altered States of Consciousness

Recommended Further Reading

  • Science & Research Committee (2014) Guidelines for the Writing of a Body Psychotherapy Case Study, available EABP Case Study Guidelines.
  • Young, C. (2010). About Publishing Professionally: For Trainee Psychotherapists, Journal of Body, Movement & Dance in Psychotherapy, Vol. 5, No. 3, Dec 2010, pp. 268-276

The Prizes

1st Prize:

  • Free attendance at the next EABP Congress incl. three nights board.
  • One-year free membership of the EABP*.
  • The winner is also be announced in the plenum at the congress.

2nd and 3rd Prizes:

  • One-year free membership*.
  • One-year subscription to the IBPJ

Prizewinners are encouraged to rework their paper into an article and submit it to the International Body Psychotherapy Journal (IBPJ). Entries must be according to the conditions of the Journal. They go through the peer review process and are accepted only on the basis of the editors’ final approval.

* Full Membership if documents are completed within two years, otherwise Candidate or Associate Membership.