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The film Body Psychotherapy in our changing world is a short introduction to current therapeutic practices, and the benefits they can bring to those in need.

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Body Psychotherapy addresses a range of social and psychological issues including depression, anxiety, stress, mood swings, disconnection from one’s own body, relationship difficulties, bereavement and loss, separation and divorce.

Some body psychotherapists  may work with a range of age-groups or specific age-groups. particular client groups such as children and adolescents, couples, or the elderly. Others may specialize with identity issues, sexual matters, contact difficulties or LGBT concerns.

Body Psychotherapy is also used to treat specific disorders such as severe mental disorders, psychosis, obsessive behaviour such as addiction and eating disorders, and trauma.

Sessions with a Body Psychotherapist also work on helping people to feel more fulfilled in life – accessing joy and creativity?

Body Psychotherapy uses various techniques that increase one’s awareness of the body and therefore, one’s emotions and thoughts. Any problem will show itself in many ways, for example, a relationship difficulty might involve overthinking, not sleeping well and sensing the heart racing at times. Body Psychotherapy might start by exploring any one of these signs that something is not right.