EABP Committees 2024

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If you are interested in participating on one of the committees please contact us.


Erik Jarlnaes, Jill van der Aa, Thomas Riepenhausen

EAP Representative

Elfriede Kastenberger

Ethics Committee

The committee consists of five people and deals with all matters touching on the ethics code, procedure for complaints, ethics advice and similar professional issues. It also acts as an informational resource for EABP members on ethics issues.

Chair: Mariella Sakellariou
Ilse Schmidt – Zimmermann
Dr.Sasa Bogdanovic
Joachim Vierrege

Christina Klisiouni

Science and Research Committee (SRC)

The SRC supports projects that further the scientific aims and objectives of EABP and research projects in body psychotherapy.

Chair: Herbert Grassman
Christina Bader-Johansson
Biljana Jokic
Frank Röhricht
Zoe Schillat
Courtenay Young

Board Representative: Carmen Joanne Ablack

International Membership Committee (IMC)

The IMC looks at:
• matters regarding Membership Criteria and Membership acceptance
• how to create value to the membership experience – from the process of joining through to being a leader of the Association.

Chair: Irena Anastasova
Sofia Petridou
Mihaela Richter
Sladjana Djordjevic

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

As Body Psychotherapists we need to keep up with new developments in psychotherapy, and in BP in particular, this enlivens and helps to continue making our work relevant. We hold responsibility for maintaining and improving our work with clients, supervisees and trainees. We have to ensure that we remain aware of what we need in order to deliver good practice. We do this by taking part in supervision, inter-vision and reflective groups, by paying attention to our thinking and by regularly self-reflecting on our actions and practices in our daily work.

The CPD Committee function therefore is to structure these processes. It is responsible for setting up structures that support our members to work continuously at meeting the requirements needed for good practice – including attitudes and actions, as well as behaviours. Being a body psychotherapist is not only an identity but also an ongoing process. This process, which is individual and collective, has to be nurtured and supported. The Committee is promoting CPD as an excellent way of doing that.

Chair: Fabio Carbonari
Lilamani del Soldato
Arber Zeka
Marc Rackelmann


Congress Planning Committee (CPC)

A CPC is established for each congress.

CPC 2023 Sofia Congress:

Chair: Madlen Algafari
Vladimir Pozharashki MD.
Meglena Beneva
Alex Vachev
Sofia Petridou

Continuing Congress Organizational Committee (CCOC)

This committee has been set up to ensure continuity of the organizational work over a number of congresses. It contains the Chair of the current CPC (Congress Planning Committee), organizers of the two last congresses and a future organizer.

Chair: Thomas Riepenhausen
Sofia Petridou
Kathrin Stauffer
Maurizio Stupiggia
Manfred Thielen

Continuing Congress Content Committee (CCCC)

We use EABP congresses not only as fruitful meeting places for our members, but also to develop Body Psychotherapy theory, methods, research and clinical practice. We are currently aiming for a general description of the field of Body Psychotherapy, in which the different modalities can place themselves. We call this ‘mapping our field’.

Our congresses provide an opportunity to explore new developments and the latest findings in Body psychotherapy and related fields. They also provide an exciting opportunity for people to participate and be involved in helping shape and influence current debates.

The CCCC’s function is to debate and exchange key developments and emerging new ways of thinking to set out a framework of congress subjects, more concretely: to set out the general direction of future congress themes, based on the aim of ‘mapping our field’. The CCCC has a consultative function to the CPC (Congress Planning Committee) and can suggest congress titles to the EABP Board and the CPC.

Chair/practitioner: Lidy Evertsen
Board representative/president EABP: Carmen Joanne Ablack
Researcher: Sheila Butler
Theoretician/writer: Ulfried Geuter
Congress chair 2018: Manfred Thielen
Congress chair 2020: Maurizio Stupiggia

Public Relations Committee (PRC)

The committee has been established to investigate ways to promote EABP and body psychotherapy both on a national and international level. It is currently occupied with a redesign of EABP material including the website.

Chair: Tihomira Ilic Prskalo
Carmen Joanne Ablack
Saranda Rexha
Despina Mavropoulou
Maja Prebeg Wonder

Think-Tank Committee

Within the EABP we are aiming to investigate the possibilities of a unified field or container theory, that can do justice to the diversity of approaches, models, concepts and ways of working represented by EABP members. This should be based upon discussions of fundamental theory as well as clinical practice. In a diverse organization such as EABP, this is a complicated process. The discussions are influenced by language and cultural differences.

The Think Tank Committee’s function is to prepare and propose a structure for such discussion processes. By naming and defining crucial topics of discussion, and possible areas of agreement and divergence, the committee aims to outline the issues that will need to be addressed. It also aims to propose a possible course for future discussion amongst the wider membership.

Chair: Lidy Evertsen
Board representative/president: Carmen Joanne Ablack
Ilse Schmidt-Zimmermann
Ulfried Geuter
Gustl Marlock
Michael Soth

Training Standards Committee (TSC)

The Training Standards Committee was established to set up and continue to look at the Training Standards.
Chair: Elya Steinberg
Sofia Petridou
Enver  Cesko
Agne Matulaite

Publications Committee

Chair: Carmen Joanne Ablack
Adam Bambury
Lenka Stefancikova


If you are interested in participating on one of the committees please contact us.