How to join as an Individual Member

If you live in a country where there is a National Association of EABP you must apply directly through the National Association.

There are National Associations in Austria, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Serbia.

List of National Associations >

You will get an application form in your native language and pay the membership fee to the National Association. Please consult their website.

When you become a member of your National Association you automatically become a member of EABP.

If there is no National Association in the country where you live, please apply directly to EABP online here.

Extra conditions for some countries

”The EABP Full Membership Criteria specify ONLY the level of training that practitioners must have completed in order to be practising Body Psychotherapy in a safe and appropriate manner.
Some European countries require additional conditions to be met for therapists to be legally recognised as Body Psychotherapists and be allowed to practice as such. In these cases it is the law of the country that takes precedence, and we cannot therefore guarantee that all Full EABP Members on this Website are legally recognised Body Psychotherapists in their own country.

Please check the EAP website for details of how this applies in many European countries.