17th European Congress of Body Psychotherapy - Bologna 2020International Body Psychotherapy Journal


The European Association for Body Psychotherapy [EABP] is the accrediting organisation for Body Psychotherapists and the established authority in its field. Body Psychotherapy is on the cutting edge of health professions including body and movement therapies, verbal psychotherapies and the medical world. EABP envisions that one day, people will come to see psychotherapy as the natural choice for those seeking an integrated approach to improving their wellbeing.

EABP members are active in both public institutions and private practice, including areas of trauma and crisis. The Association works all over the world to develop professional skills, support research and promote publications. Through dialogue and exchange, it encourages members to bring about a cross-fertilization of methods and theory. In this way, EABP inspires health professionals to join an awareness shift – to see and experience health and aliveness from a perspective, where body and mind are aspects of one phenomenon.

The EABP is a dynamic organisation that values dignity, ethics and transparency, respects diversity and practices inclusiveness. The EABP stands for quality and has made aliveness its hallmark.

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