Why should I have Body Psychotherapy?

Body Psychotherapy aims to connect a person to a more constant access to the vital flow of his/her existence.
Michael Randolph – On Vitality
in The Handbook of Body Psychotherapy & Somatic Psychology

Body Psychotherapy reaches the places that other psychotherapies don’t.

It is particlarly good for people who would like to be more in touch with their bodies:

  • Those who suffer the consesquences of  early (attachment) trauma where there aren’t any explicit memories
  • PTSD
  • Those who find it difficult to have to couch their feelings in words
  • Those who would like to feel more alive.

Body Psychotherapy is truly holistic and treats the whole perspn – not just a problem.

Body Psychotherpay is usually open-ended in-depth psychotherapy but some practitioners offer short-term interventions.