EABP organisations and individual members have produced  videos about their work many of which can be found through YouTube or other video channels or on websites of the Training Institutes.

Carmen Joanne Ablack, Interview with President Carmen Joanne Ablack by Maya Prebeg.

Carmen Joanne Ablack, President of EABP, is interviewed by Serge Prengel about her own work and about the EABP.

Merete Holm Brantbjerg an EABP member and international practitioner gives a demonstration at the 13th International EABP Congress in Cambridge in 2012.

Michael Heller, an Honorary member of EABP, presents the field of psychotherapy, a meditation exercise on body, breathing and mind.

He is the author of Body Psychotherapy History, Concepts and Methods published in French in 2008, in English in 2012 and in German in 2016.

Michael Heller –   Film made by the XVth congress of the APPB, in Aix en Provence, France.

Michael Soth with Serge Prengel on Relationality

Rubens Kignel, EABP Member from Brazil has presented a series of interviewers with prominent EABP members on their methods. Interview with the Norwegian professor Berit Bunkin

In this lovely conversation with 87 years old psychotherapist Berit Heir Bunkan from Norway during the European Congress in Athens, 2016, they discuss about different ways to get into the body mysteries as for example through the 3 diaphragms, look at it, learn and like:​

Diálogos Em Psicoterapia Psychotherapy In Dialogues

This is a series of dialogues with Rubens Kignel and many international body psychotherapeutic trainers in Spanish.