Variant Training Standards

Post Qualification Training in Body Psychotherapy
Variant Training Standards

These Training Standards are for a for psychotherapists who are already fully qualified in another psychotherapy modality and wish to train in body psychotherapy.
Training Institutes make the final decision about the suitability of candidates for such a training.

The Variant Training Standards are as follows:

  • The Post Qualification Training in Body Psychotherapy consists of 6 numbers in 6 different categories:
  • total duration;
  • total number of hours;
  • number of training hours;
  • number of personal therapy hours;
  • numbers of clinical hours (practical work with clients); and
  • number of supervision hours.
  • Normally the total duration of a post qualification training in body psychotherapy should be three years, unless there are good reasons (such as local legislation) to make it shorter. At least two out of the three years of training need to be completed with the same institution and within two consecutive calendar years. The total number of hours needs to be maintained separately.
  • The total number of hours should be at least 700, or half that of the EAP and EABP training standards for people with no previous training.
  • Training hours (direct tuition hours) should be a minimum of 300.
  • In principle the personal therapy requirement is 120 hours for those with less than 100 hours of previous personal therapy experience. For those with substantially more personal therapy previously, the requirement can be reduced by up to 60 hours to leave a minimal requirement of 60 hours. Some of the personal therapy hours can be group therapy, but this is limited to 40% of total personal therapy hours maximum, and the minimum of individual personal therapy must be maintained at 60 hours.
  • We recognise that people’s level of experience can vary and suggest that the required clinical hours can be adjusted according to how many clinical hours a person has already got, but the minimum must be 250 clinical hours (hours of client work) of body psychotherapy.
  • There should be 50 supervision hours, preferably individual supervision by an experienced Body Psychotherapist, as part of this training.
  • There must be a final assessment, both written and practical, showing how a trainee understands the implication of deeper body psychotherapy both for their practice and for themselves personally.
  • The total of hours delineated here will be less than 700 if an applicant completes minimal hours in every category (300 + 60 + 250 + 50 = 660). This means that people cannot be accredited as Full EABP Members if they have only completed minimal hours in all four categories – they have to do more hours in one or more of the categories outlined above.

It needs to be emphasised especially that Training Institutes are in no way obliged to offer such post qualification training courses. However they may do so if they wish.