Training, workshops and university programs

Training of body psychotherapists lies at the core of our work. The EABP values the work of our Training Institutes that train to professional standards.
The Association has developed professional Training Standards that are continually updated including new developments in trauma, neuroscience and other developments coming from neighbouring fields. Throughout Europe member Training institutes have developed specialised trainings in psychotherapy bringing the role of the body more into focus.
Sofia Petridou, Chair Training Standards Committee

Training Institutes offer introduction workshops and summer workshops, which are open to people who are curious to find out more about body psychotherapy.

Longer trainings takes place over 3-5 years.

Shorter-term trainings for people trained in associated disciplines are also offered.

See the list below for the full-length trainings of  Body Psychotherapy Training Institutes that are EABP FORUM accredited. Accreditation means that they have gone through an extended process of Self-Assessment and Mutual Recognition in the EABP FORUM of Body Psychotherapy Associations.

There are other training organizations across Europe that are Organizational Members of the EABP that offer non-FORUM-accredited training.

There are many other smaller events going on throughout the year.

National Associations are active in organizing congresses, workshops and meetings.

To contact the National Associations in Austria, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia, Spain,  and the National Committee in Kosova.

Individual members also offer workshops which are advertised in the Events section.

FORUM accredited Body Psychotherapy Training Institutes


Bulgarian Institute of Neoreichian Analytical Psychotherapy
5, Chernomen str. 1527 Sofia, Bulgaria


Ecole Biodynamique
1400 ch. de Moulares, F-34070 Montpellier, France

IFCC Institut de Formation en Thérapie Psychocorporelle
102 route du Polygone, F-67100 Strasbourg, France


Aus- und Fortbildungszentrum Transformative Körperpsychotherapie
Nassauische Str. 26, D-10717 Berlin, Germany

Hakomi Institute of Europee.V. – Germany
Weissgerbergasse 2/A, D-90403 Nürnberg, Germany

International Institute for Core Evolution & CoreSoma
Postfach 143206, D-45262 Essen, Germany

 Zentrum Integrative Körperpsychotherapie und Humanistische PsychologieE.V.,
Bachmannstrasse 2-4, Frankfurt, Germany

Europaische Schule für Biodynamische Psychologie(ESBPE) e.V.
Dragerkoppel 7, Gronenberg, D-23684 Germany


Greek Institute of Vegetotherapy & Character Analysis (EINA)
12 Athinas Str, 105 51 Athens, Greece


Karkur College of Holistic Therapy
Hamoshav St 40, Karkur, Israel

Reidman International College – School for Body-Centered Psychotherapy
26 Haim Levanon st., Tel-Aviv, Israel


European School of Functional Psychotherapy(SEF)
P.Co Comola Ricci 41, I-80122 Napoli, Italy

Società  Italiana di Biosistemica(SIB)
Pzza S.M. Liberatrice 18, I-00153 Rome, Italy

Società  Italiana di Analisi Reichiana(SIAR)
Via Valadier 44, I-00193 Rome, Italy


Bodymind Opleidingen
1/e Pijnakkerstraat 135/a, NL-3035 GS Rotterdam

Nederlands Instituut voor Biodynamische Psychologie (NIB)
Paarimaribostraat 11, NL-1058 AN Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Escuela Espanola Reichiana(ES.TE.R.)
c/ Rep. de Guinea Ecuatorial 4 1c, E-46022 Valencia, Spain