To Join the EABP FORUM

In order to join the FORUM a Training Institute or Professional Association first must join the EABP as an organizational member. Once completed the organization can then apply for FORUM membership.

They must attend two meetings to present their organization and meet other FORUM members. The FORUM then votes on acceptance of FORUM Membership.

Fee Structure

The annual FORUM membership fees current for 2015 are structured as follows (Fees are over and above the €210 for the EABP organisational membership fee):

Training Institutes:

  • For up to 25 trainees – €80
  • For 26-60 trainees – €180
  • For 61-100 trainees – €270
  • For more than 100 trainees – €360

Professional Associations:

  • Up to 25 members – €80
  • From 25 – 100 members – €120
  • More than 100 – €160

In return for their membership FORUM organisations receive copies of minutes of FORUM meetings, EABP mailings, Newsletters and invitations for delegates to take part in the FORUM meetings.

Fees for FORUM membership are adjusted periodically to reflect the real costs of the FORUM.

To contact the FORUM

Giulia Fiorentino:">FORUM Secretariat