EABP Collaborative Practice Research Network

We would like to invite you to become part of the emerging Collaborative Practice Research Network (CPRN). This is an exciting new initiative started up by the EABP Science and Research Committee to provide a forum for dialogue, debate and the development of innovative and creative research projects that assist our clinical practice.

The CPRN aims to broaden knowledge of Body Psychotherapy through communities of practice and clinical research. Together we will explore how a collaborative practice research network can transform perceptions of psychotherapy research, strengthen connections between members, and encourage some continuous development and co-creation among participants.

If you are interested in the topic of research and clinical practice, please don¹t miss out on this opportunity to meet other members, network with them, and learn how to keep up-to-date with current developments in practice research within our field of Body Psychotherapy. This important initiative is an opportunity to make a significant difference within our profession and to develop ­ together ­ the foundations of scientific and clinical practice research.

Everyone in the EABP Science and Research Committee (SRC) looks forward to welcoming you (online and face-to-face) and hopes that you will share this opportunity to connect with others and renew some of your special interest.

Sheila Butler