Highly recommended to anyone curious about body psychotherapy.


Treating Psychosomatic Patients: In Search of a Transdisciplinary Framework for the Integration of Bodywork in Psychotherapy offers a conceptual and therapeutic framework for all therapists who have to deal with the psychosomatic “conflicted’ body, as presented in anxiety and depression, stress and burn-out, medically unexplained symptoms and trauma.

The book introduces the transdisciplinary framework ‘experiential bodywork’ (EBW), drawing on theories and scientific findings drawn from clinical psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, psychotherapy and myofascial therapy. EBW provides a roadmap for a better understanding of the processes that underpin body psychotherapy and body-mind therapies. On a practical level, EBW challenges the therapist to marry the power of psychotherapeutic techniques with the richness of hands-on bodywork and hands-off movement expression. With the ‘armoured’ body as an entry point, patients learn to feel their body from within and listen to what it tells them. In the sharpness of this awareness they discover a freer way of speaking, moving and being present in the world.

Through EBW, Treating Psychosomatic Patients offers a transdisciplinary, scientifically based framework for the integration of bodywork in psychotherapy, ranging from psychosomatics to trauma, and will be of great interest to psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors in a variety of settings. EBW also helps somatic therapists,such as physical therapists or osteopaths, to better understand the richness and layeredness of deep bodywork from different psychological, developmental and ’embodied’ perspectives.

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“Werken met een lichaam dat moeilijk doet. Een andere kijk op het psychosomatische lichaam in psychotherapie”.

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The Handbook of Body Psychotherapy & Somatic Psychology

Ed. Gustl Marlock, Halko Weiss with Courtenay Young, Michael Soth

This book provides a comprehensive overview of body-centered psychotherapies, which stress the centrality of the body to overcoming psychological distress, trauma and mental illness. Psychologists and therapists are increasingly incorporating these somatic or body-oriented therapies into their practices, making mind-body connections that enable them to provide better care for their clients.

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Body Psychotherapy: History Concepts and Methods

Michel C. Heller Translation: Marcel Duclos

This English version of the French textbook on body psychotherapy has been published by W.W. Norton and is now available. Hardcover available ISBN 978-0-393-70669-7 6.1 × 9.3 in / 832 …

Amazing…exciting…remarkable. Tracing the historical roots of this field to its emergent disciplines today, this tome is a vital reference book for body psychotherapists and body workers of all types. It is also a profound reference for any clinician wishing to study this field seriously. Thank you Michael Heller for this gift of incredible scholarship. – Peter Levine, PhD

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French Edition – Psychothérapies corporelles : fondements et méthodes. Buy on Amazon

German Edition – Körperpsychotherapie: Geschichte – Konzepte – Methoden Buy on Amazon

Grundriss einer Theorie für die klinische Praxis

Ulfried Geuter

Ein einführendes Buch für die psychotherapeutische Praxis: Körperpsychotherapie als Therapie mit Hilfe des Körpers. Geschrieben für Psychologische und Ärztliche Psychotherapeuten, explizite Körpertherapeuten (Atem, Feldenkrais etc.), aber auch viele andere Berufsgruppen, die in diesem Feld tätig sind.


Praxis Körperpsychotherapie:
10 Prinzipien der Arbeit im therapeutischen Prozess (Psychotherapie: Praxis)

Ulfried Geuter  2018

Dieses Buch zeigt zehn grundlegende Prinzipien einer erlebenszentrierten Psychotherapie, die Körpererleben, Körperwahrnehmung, Körperausdruck und Körperkommunikation integriert. Es stellt Therapie als eine verkörperte Begegnung vor und vermittelt, wie man den Körper einbezieht und welche Sprache man dazu verwendet – so wird das Konzept des Embodiment in der Praxis nutzbar. Auch geht es um die Bedeutung von Erleben und Erfahren, um die Indikation und Kontraindikation von Techniken, die therapeutische Beziehung und die Wirkprinzipien der Körperpsychotherapie. Geschrieben für Psychologische und Ärztliche Psychotherapeuten, Körper- und Bewegungstherapeuten, Studierende und Interessierte.

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Körper-Gefühl-Denken: Körperpsychotherapie und Selbstregulation (Therapie & Beratung)

Manfred Thielen (Hg.) (2010)

Von renommierten KörperpsychotherapeutInnen wird die Selbstregulation unter Einbezug der neuesten Ergebnisse der Säuglings-, Bindungs-, Emotions- und Hirnforschung zum ersten Mal umfassend behandelt. Anhand von Fallbeispielen wird ihre Rolle für den Therapieerfolg auch praktisch verdeutlicht.
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Many books are written on general subjects and modality perspectives

More books in German

More books in English

Edited by Helen Payne, Sabine Koch, Jennifer Tantia

This unique handbook will be of particular interest to clinical practitioners in the fields of body psychotherapy and dance movement psychotherapy as well as professionals from psychology, medicine, social work, counselling/psychotherapy and occupational therapy, and to those from related fields who are in search of information on the basic therapeutic principles and practice of body and movement psychotherapies and seeking to further their knowledge and understanding of the discipline. It is also an essential reference for academics and students of embodied psychotherapy, embodied cognitive science and clinical professions.

The Body in Relationship: Self – Other – Society

Edited by: Courtenay Young

This book of the EABP-ISC 2014 Congress has a paperback cover, is 23 x15 cm (Royal), perfect bound, & has about 375 pages. ISBN: 978-1-908729-10-1 RRP: £18.00, €22.00, $30.00 (+ P&P;):

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About the Science of Body Psychotherapy

Edited by: Courtenay Young

This 2012 book has a paperback cover, is 23 x15 cm (Royal), perfect bound, & has about 340 pages. ISBN: 978-1-908729-03-3 RRP: £18.00, €22.00, $30.00. …

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About Relational of Body Psychotherapy

Edited by : Courtenay Young

This 2012 book has a paperback cover, is 23 x15 cm (Royal), perfect bound, & has about 310 pages. ISBN: 978-1-908729-10-1 RRP: £18.00, €22.00, $30.00 (+ P&P;): Also available as a PDF, read: …

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Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication in Psychotherapy (Norton, 2015)

Gill Westland

Implicit communications analyzed alongside verbal communication in therapy. Body language, facial expression, and tone of voice are key components in therapeutic interactions, but for far too long …

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Hakomi: Mindfulness-Centered, Somatic Psychotherapy: A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice

Greg Johanson with Weiss & Monda

A powerful compendium of Hakomi philosophy and body techniques that wonderfully highlights the fact that body work is fundamentally mindful and always had been well before mindfulness rose to …


The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

Bessel van der Kolk, MD

Why You Should Write A Letter To Yourself Tonight Writing is one of the most effective ways to access an inner world of feelings that is the key to recovering from genuine trauma and everyday …


Playing with the Body: Body Psychotherapy Techniques for Children and Adolescents

Brasilda dos Santos Rocha

Our basic proposal with the psychotherapeutic work with children and adolescents relates to the reconstruction of their inner self-image. We were able to verify the need to reconstruct the image of …

Book available in English and Portuguese

Touching the Relational Edge: Body Psychotherapy

Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar

The psychotherapeutic encounter is a meeting between embodied psyches, bodies present in the room, speaking with each another, impacting and impacted by one another; bodies who are waiting for us to …

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Transformation of the Self with Bodymind Integration: Postural Integration – Energetic Integration – Psychotherapeutic Postural Integration

Bernhard Schlage (Ed)

This publication by the International Council of PsychoCorporal (Bodymind) Integration (ICPIT), Ghent, Belgium, comprises a series of papers on the theory and practice of Bodymind Integration, …

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The Polyvagal Theory and the Face-Heart Connection

Stephen W. Porges, PhD

Neural mechanisms mediating social behaviour and …

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Body Encyclopedia

Lisbeth Marcher & Sonja Fich

Based on Bodynamic Analysis, a body-oriented psychology developed in Denmark by the authors and their colleagues, Body Encyclopedia describes the developmental sequence in which psychological and …

Defining Moments for Therapists

Serge Prengel & Lynn Somerstein

If therapy is a relational process, it takes a person on the therapist’s end. The goal of the project is to capture the therapist’s evolving sense of self as it is shaped by our experiences as active …

Movement and Interaction

Christina Bader-Johansson

A book for doctors, psychotherapists and physiotherapists about basic psychomotor an sensorimotor functions. Including: developmental psychology and sensorimotor development, the brain and body at …

Available in Swedish

An anatomy of therapy: body psychotherapy

Dr. Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar

This encompassing book (508 pages) provides a wide and deep perspective on body psychotherapy: from its roots and origins through exploration of various modalities, deepening into clinical cases and …

Available in Hebrew

The Emergence of Somatic Psychology and Bodymind Therapy

Barnaby B. Barratt

Somatic psychology and bodymind therapy examine the body and the mind as a whole, emphasising the reciprocal relationships between the two. This branch of psychotherapy focuses on the body, body …

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Bioenergetic Analysis Handbook

Heinrich-Clauer, Vita (Ed)

Psychosozial Verlag, Gießen (2011) This book is a selection of articles from Bioenergetic Analysis that range from classical studies written in the Eighties (following Lowen) up to current …

A Book of Dreams

Peter Reich

Reich Publishing has arranged the re-publication and first e-publication of long out-of-print books about Wilhelm Reich. German and English language editions are available also at …

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Psychopathology and character, psychoanalysis in the body and the body in psychoanalysis

G. Ferri G. Cimini

This book is about Reichian Analysis, its history, its influence and about the extraordinary lenses through which the analytical-therapeutic setting can be …


The Historical Basis of Body Psychotherapy

Edited by Courtenay Young

This 2010 book has a paperback cover, is 23 x15 cm (Royal), perfect bound, & has about 300 pages. ISBN: 978-1-908729-00-2 RRP: £18.00, €22.00, $30.00 (+ P&P;): Also available as a PDF,read …

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Centred and Connected. A Therapeutic Approach to Mind-Body Awareness

Thea Rytz

Thea Rytz has written a crucial book for everyone interested in the body. Written clearly and articulately, it goes beyond talking about the mind/body connection, and in a very graceful way shows us …

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The Flesh of the Soul: the body we work

Michael Heller editor (2001)

There are only 50 volumes of The Flesh Of The Soul left which can be ordered at a discount rate. Also from Amazone. Selected Papers of the 7th Congress of the European Association of Body …

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Anatomy & Physiology for Psychotherappists

Kathrin A. Stauffer

Kathrin Stauffer presents human anatomy and physiology in clear, simple terms, with facts selected for interest and relevance to psychotherapists. Many links are made between physical and …

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The Basic Experiences and the Development of the Self

Rispoli, Luciano

Development from the point of view of Functional Psychotherapy Translated from Italian by Jessica Ibbotson Year of Publication: …

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The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion

Antonio Damasio

The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion weaves the latest findings on health, emotions, neurobiology, and immunology into a bold explanation of extraordinary forms of …

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