Professional Associations

Interested Professional Associations

Professional Associations are made up of practicing body psychotherapists from one or more body psychotherapy modalities. They should have a membership of their own,  membership criteria, an ethical code and professional standards compatible with EABP.

All, or most of the practitioners involved should be able to fulfil the full membership conditions for EABP.

Once an organisational member, Professional Associations can join the FORUM in order to participate in discussions about training, Training Standards, supervision and areas of mutual interest such as the common ground of body psychotherapy.


The organisation must have at least two Full Individual EABP members, have existed for at least 4 years and should have a legal or corporate structure. Documents showing registration in your local Chamber of Commerce must be supplied.


€ 210 per year

How to join

If you are interested in joining us please contact your National Association or if there isn’t one complete the online application form.