Individual Membership Categories (2)

Membership Categories

Individual Membership

EABP has five different membership categories

Full Membership >  is open to people who have completed a training in body psychotherapy and are working as body psychotherapists.

Candidate Membership > is open to people who have completed a training in Body Psychotherapy but have not yet completed the full membership criteria.

Student Membership > is open to students from body psychotherapy Training Institutes – for a period of 5 years and students from the social science faculties – with an age limit of 28.

Associate Membership > is open to people interested in the field of body psychotherapy.

Honorary Membership is granted to members  who have contributed significantly to Body Psychotherapy or EABP. They are chosen from recommendations to the EABP Board and are ratified by the biannual General Assembly.

Honorary members: Björn Blumenthal, David Boadella, Gerda Boyesen (†), Malcolm Brown, Michel Heller, Clorinda Lubrano Kotulas (†), Lisbeth Marcher, Eva Reich (†), Luciano Rispoli, Jay Stattman (†) posthumous, Joop Valstar (†) and Courtenay Young.

Organisational Membership

EABP has three categories of organistional membership that are natural or corporate bodies working in the field of body psychotherapy.

Training Institutes

have 3-4 year trainings in body psychotherapy, already have two EABP individual members and have been in existence for at least four years.

Professional Associations

have themselves members from a particular modality of body psychotherapy ost of whom have been trained to the level of EABP membership

Associated Organistions

are corporate bodies that have a specific interest in body psychotherapy.