Membership Certificate

Membership Certificate

Full EABP members receive an updated certificate every three years as a recognition of their accreditation as an EABP member according to the EABP membership Criteria and Training Standards.   t indicates that you have reached a certain standard in your profession and that you have agreed to work within the EABP ethical framework.

Permission to practice?

This does not mean that you have any legal permission to practice body psychotherapy in your country. You must abide by the national laws and conditions relating to the practice of your profession.

Nevertheless, EABP membership is increasingly being seen as a relevant and acceptable professional accreditation, demonstrating your functional competence in the field of mental health practice. It shows the ethical code of practice that members are committed to, criteria of training, supervision and professional practice hours that are monitored before being accredited as a full member.

We continue to work towards acceptance of our professional qualifications in various European countries. Our standards are in line with those of the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP), whereby psychotherapy is recognized as an independent profession. Our aim, together with the EAP, is to have the profession accepted by governments, Health Ministries and Insurance companies throughout the European Union.