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Training institutes accredited by the EABP FORUM

  • Bulgarian Institute of Neoreichian Analitycal Psychotherapy (BINAP)
  • Bodynamic International
  • Ecole Biodynamique
  • IFCC Institut de Formation en Thérapie Psychocorporelle
  • Aus- und Fortbildungszentrum Transformative Körperpsychotherapie
  • Europaische Schule für Biodynamische Psychologie (ESBPE) e.V.
  • Hakomi Institute of Europe e.V. - Germany
  • Institute for Core Evolution
  • Zentrum für Integrative Körperpsychotherapie und Humanistische Psychologie E.V.,
  • E.I.N.A. - Greek Institute of Vegetotherapy & Character Analysis
  • Karkur College of Holistic Therapy
  • Reidman International College - School for Body-Centered Psychotherapy
  • European School of Functional Psychotherapy (SEF)
  • SIAR Società  Italiana di Analisi Reichiana
  • SIB - Società  Italiana di Biosistemica
  • Escuela Espanola Reichiana (ES.TE.R.)
  • Bodymind Opleidingen
  • NIB Nederlands Instituut voor Biodynamische Psychologie

  • Non-accredited training institutes

  • Hungarian Institute for Body Psychotherapy (HIBP)
  • Budapest, Hungary

  • Istituto di Neuropsicosomatica - Institute of Neuropsychosomatics
  • Bagni di Lucca, Italy

  • IKP Institut für Körperzentrierte Psychotherapie
  • Zurich, Switzerland

  • LSBP, London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy
  • London, United Kingdom

    Professional associations

  • Bulgarian Neoreichian Psychotherapy Society
  • Sofia, Bulgaria

  • APPB Association Professionnelle de Psychologie Biodynamique
  • Montpellier, France

  • Association Europaenne de Therapie Psychocorporelle et Relationnelle
  • Strasbourg (Neudorf), France

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