How is Body Psychotherapy different?

Body Psychotherapy  is different from other psychotherapies because:

  • It is holistic and takes the notion seriously that body and mind are not two different things but the same
  • Clients feel seen in their totality
  • Most clients like to address difficulties on several levels at once (body, mind, spirit….)
  • Body Psychotherapy can address difficulties at a level that is not accessible through words  – that does not necessarily involve having to consciously understand oneself – it can easily access pre-verbal and otherwise deeply unconscious material.

Body Psychotherapy is different from complementary therapies because:

  • The therapist is well trained both in complementary therapy and also in psychotherapy
  • Body Psychotherapy embeds the understanding of symptoms in a deep understandng of the whole person
  • Body Psychotherapists are more versatile in their technical approaches.