The Institute of Somatic Psychotherapy (IOSP) offers a 1-year training program in Contemporary Somatic Psychotherapy for existing practitioner.

The program details are provided online on the IOSP website, or in the brochure that can be downloaded from

Philosophical understanding
This training addresses the aspect of human experience that frequently does not get sufficient attention, or is even ignored: embodiment, the process/state of living in a body.
At IOSP we acknowledge the social nature of embodiment, and highlight the importance of embodied experience for psychological understanding and clinical practice. In particular, the program puts the embodied relationship between client/patient and practitioner at the centre of attention. After all, it is through the body that we relate to other people and the world about us.

Course Delivery

The program is taught in English, commences in March 2024, and finishes in November 2024. Delivery is via 15 online seminars, and 12 peer group/syndicate meetings.
The seminar trainers are three long term clinical members of the European Association of Body Psychotherapy (EABP):
• Gill Westland (
• Kathrin Stauffer (
• Sladjana Djordjevic (

The seminars are hosted by Sydney-based clinical somatic psychotherapists Veronik Verkest and Ernst Meyer.
Time Zones
15 online seminars (2 hours each) are held on roughly ever fortnight on Mondays at the following times:
9am/9am British Summer Time
11am/11:00 Eastern European Summer Time
10am/10:00 South Africa Standard Time
1:30pm/13:30 India Standard Time
5pm/17:00 Japan Standard Time
6pm/18:00 Eastern Australian Standard Time
8pm/20:00 New Zealand Standard Time
Please note that the time slots will vary slightly because of daylight-saving changes. Participants who miss sessions will have access to recordings.

Peer Groups
The 12 peer group/syndicate meetings are an integral part of the training. They are self-managed and self-organized. Ideally the 3-5 group members will meet in person. If that is not possible then online meetings will suffice.
Course Fees
AUD $3300 ($2970 early bird) for “Full Course”
AUD $1980 for those who choose to participate in “Seminars Only”

Applicants for the “full course” program will be interviewed to make sure the program is suitable for them.

Those interested please review the entry requirements in the brochure. Please direct any questions or expressions of interest via email to: