July 9, 2022




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Island Hvar (Jelsa), Croatia

“The main obstacle on the way to our pleasure and fulfillment is our greatest fear – the fear of life.”

IPD Center and EABP accredited international School for Integral Body Psychotherapy (ITP) summer Intensive on island Hvar are intended for everyone who is close to the term personal development and who wants to get to know themselves better and explore their inner world.

You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the peaceful, Mediterranean ambience of the hotel Fontana resort next to the small island town of Jelsa on the beautiful island of Hvar, Croatia

This Intensive has the intention of providing and supporting a safe space for deep and transformative work on ourselves, as well as the opportunity to connect with ourselves and others.

Through 5-hour workshops over 5 days, Intensive integrates and intertwines various techniques and excercises that allow us to learn about the functioning of our subconscious and discover our own dimensions that we did not yet know about ourselves. Workshops involve a lot of movement and dance, exercises in pairs or in groups, contact with oneself through creative visualizations and guided meditations, and all is based on elements and techniques of Integral Body Psychotherapy (ITP).


Have you ever found yourself in a moment where you are afraid to live life to the fullest? When you are within reach of the abundance that life offers you and you don’t know exactly what to do with it?
Unfortunately, our biggest paradox is that although we deeply long for a state of pleasure and fulfillment, at the same time we are afraid to accept it and surrender to it.

Through 5 days of Intensive we will explore what it is that fills us and brings us a sense of pleasure by including all our senses as well as the energy component of us as beings. On the way to accepting the good in our lives, we will allow our body to lead us to a place where we accept ourselves and others just the way we are.
Through awareness and a sense of security, we will slowly build a space within ourselves to take responsibility for our own fulfillment, for our own enjoyment.

Wherever there is pleasure and fulfillment for you in this moment, one thing is for sure; the greater our capacity to accept the good throughout our life, the greater is our capacity for pleasure.

Workshops leaders: ITP psychotherapists, EABP full members Jane Kramar and Ivana Preglej with asistants.


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Hotel Fontana, Jelsa, Hvar