The Energy, Love and Consciousness Program™

Life-expanding tools and open guidance so that you can walk your own individual path to inner fulfillment and self-realization
From Collective, Generational and Family Trauma
To Individual Trauma and Beyond

Principles of Healing from Trauma

Online  • Saturdays:    June 12   •   June 26  •   July 10, 2021
Time: 6.30 pm – 9 pm Central European Time (CET)

In this integrative and multi-disciplinary approach to trauma you will learn to recognize and differentiate the multi-layered tapestry of traumatic experiences.

Workshop 1:  June 12, 2021
(each workshop is 2 hours and 30 minutes)
Trauma Experiences and their Effects on the Body, Psyche and our Fields of Life
Traumatization and Trauma – theoretical and practical foundations for a comprehensive understanding of Trauma: including body, breath, movement, expression, healthy boundaries and supportive communication as resources and the application of Core Evolution Principles in the understanding of life.

Workshop 2:  June 26, 2021
The Social Brain
Expanding the Realm of Understanding
Every person is part of a society, family, profession, institutions, religion, traditions, culture, and other systems. Therefore, we also have to recognize the social and collective dimensions of trauma and its impact on a person’s life.

Workshop 3:  July 10, 2021
The Coherent Self
This integrative approach to trauma honors the essence of a person as an inherent quality and attends to the person’s process with professional knowledge, care, research, competence, intuition, empathy, mindfulness and presence. – so that we can unite our qualities and forces, create and celebrate our community and address and support our personal life, our society, ecology and the environment and strive for peace and freedom.

In the Energy, Love and Consciousness Program™ of Core Evolution® you address the spectrum from Developmental to Collective Trauma, and the larger Trauma Matrix:

• to strengthen re­si­li­ence, em­pathy, com­­pas­­sion and the wis­­dom of the Body-Mind Field;
• to address the spectrum from Developmental to Collective Trauma, and the larger Trauma Matrix;
• to reg­u­late your body- and nervous sys­tem, vagal tone and further memory-integration;
• to foster mindfulness, awareness and consequently co­her­­ence;
• to act with the clarity of em­bod­i­­ment, pres­ence and inner lead­er­­­ship;
• to connect, communicate and find the place of common good for all life.

In­teg­rate Your Past • Be in the Present • Shape Your Fu­ture™ 

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