Developing Resilience through Restorative Embodied Self Perception


The topic will be presented by a distinguished American psychology emeritus professor Dr Alan Fogel.

Based on neuroscience data, his research and clinical experience, Dr Fogel has explored the three states in which the individual experiences the self.

The Dysregulated, Modular and Restorative embodied self-perception.

This meeting will focus on the restorative embodied self-concept and explain the reasons and necessity of contact with emotions and the body.

He will answer questions related to the embodied experience of self and present tools for recognizing these states in ourselves and others.

Restorative Embodied Self-Awareness is the fullest and healthiest form of embodiment that allows for fuller acceptance of sensations and emotions.

And as he states in the opening pages of his new book Restorative Embodiment and Resilience:

“…accepting for what is actually happening in the whole body can often lead to relief and sometimes profound changes that contribute to healing…”

The presentation will be in English and there will be Greek translation, notes and certificate of attendance!

Registration until 8/01/2024 at the secretariat of our association ()

Places are limited.

The participation fee is 30€.