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An Online Training Course in Somatic Psychotherapy

Institute of Somatic Psychotherapy

The Institute of Somatic Psychotherapy ( is planning a series of on-line training (live) seminars, with the aim towards providing a two-year “conversion” course in Somatic Psychotherapy for professional counsellors and psychotherapists.  The 1st year of the programme starts in March 2021.

 This professional training program will provide a unique opportunity for counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and allied (mental) health professionals, interested in integrating a “somatic psychotherapy” perspective into their current professional practice, by focusing on incorporating an “embodied (Felt-Self) relational” experience into their professional therapeutic practice with clients / patients.

The 1st year of this training program consists of: 15 fortnightly, 2-hr ‘on-line’ (Zoom) live webinar / seminar modules, interspersed with about 15 practically-focused smaller “syndicate” groups; as well as reflective learning tasks, reading materials, worksheets and exercises.  It is specifically designed for practicing health professionals, who want to extend their interests and practice towards Somatic Psychotherapy.  Full details are in the on-line brochure.Somatic Psychotherapy Training Course Advert

CPD Hours: This 1-year training program counts as 30 hours of ‘Category A’ CPD for PACFA’s membership requirements and may, in time, be accredited as part of a 2-year ‘specialist’ “Conversion Course” training program in Somatic Psychotherapy that meets the PACFA Specialist Training Standards.

For full details regarding the course, and to register, please go to the IOSP website: or download the brochure (here).