To sit with the colleagues from all the other countries and really listen to how it is where they are and what the working conditions are for them, simple as it sounds, has proven to be paradigm-changing.

Kathrin Stauffer: Chair EABP COUNCIL

The EABP COUNCIL meets yearly with representatives of the National Associations and Committees to support the work being done in individual countries throughout Europe – to listen to each other and to share the problems and resources.

This semi-autonomous body elects a Chairperson and representative to the EABP Board of Directors. Kathrin Stauffer currently represents the COUNCIL on the EABP Board.

There are National Associations in Austria, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia, Spain and UK. Kosova has a National Committee that is working towards becoming a National Association. Other countries may be represented in Council meetings by an EABP member’.

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