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I feel very fortunate to have participated in the life of EABP because so much has come back to me. I am certainly much richer than I was before I got involved with EABP. I would like for other younger people to experience this too and to remember it.
Recent member of EABP

EABP is an Association for members, by members. The input of hundreds of members since its inception in 1988 has made the EABP the vibrant community it is today.

Taking an active part in the life of the EABP community offers tremendous benefits both personally and professionally – a sense of meaning, a feeling of balance between giving and taking, the satisfaction of feeling your community pulsating with life – developing, growing, expanding, – a sense of ownership and an opportunity to have professional dialogue with others.

We invite you to participate in whatever way you can – whatever way suits your interests and talents, whether it be attending or giving a workshop or seminar, writing an article, or participating on a committee or on the Board either on the level of your National Association or with EABP direct.

EABP welcomes you making contact with the ">EABP Secretariat.
Let us know who you are and how you see yourself being part of the EABP.

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