EABP statement

EABP Statement on Mental health, wellbeing, social, political, economic freedom, recognition and acceptance of self-identification and self-definition are all basic human rights.                   

Political, economic, social, psychological and identity recognition repression are the result of fear, fear of the unknown, of the different, of ideas that don’t agree with our own ideas and of those who are not like “us”.

Repression and discrimination are attempts to retain power, authority, influence or vested interest, by retaining a status quo that divides peoples from co-creating and co-existing with equality for all as a main objective of society as a whole.

Political economic, psychological and identity recognition repression is a way of not learning anything new, of trying to stop the natural way that changes occur, of stopping the flow of a river, the laughter of a child, the movement of life… it is a defensive response of armouring and an attempt at dividing society or worse perpetuating society as divided along identity and other lines. In the same way as a person armours her body and her mind when she feels threatened.

This armouring is the basis for emotional and mental disorders and the only way to cure it is through freedom of expression, freedom of speech and freedom to be as one feels and freedom to be diverse, to be who I am and for this to be self-defined.

To regain, reclaim or achieve for the first time this freedom one has to be able to express what’s wrong, what is not supportive or recognising of oneself, group, community or society, to talk about what’s right (right and wrong I think is too dichotomised here and not enough recognition of the layers and nuances involved) to be able to take, as well as be supported in self-definition without oppression of who I am, who we are, and to be as one wants and to be recognised as one is by self-definition and not by a definition imposed by others.

We support the ideas of co-creative, collaborative existence that recognises the importance to mental, emotional and psychological wellbeing for all peoples, groups, communities, societies through recognition of co-existence that honours and strives for equality through diversity in unity and unity in diversity.

EABP is an Association for Body Psychotherapy, our members work every day to encourage, support and promote the capacity to be oneself in co-relationship with others. Freedom, recognition, ownership of prejudices and discriminatory actions, and actions then taken to alleviate the effect of these – all lead to better health and wellbeing and to better societies.

EABP recognises good mental health, wellbeing, social, political, economic freedom, recognition and acceptance of self-identification and self-definition as basic human rights for all peoples, communities and societies.

EABP takes a clear position that all forms of discrimination on grounds of identity or capacity, intimidation, and repression are always unacceptable, no matter the situation. We believe that everyone has the right to self-determine and to be supported to live life to the fullness of their capacity and to be enabled to fulfil their potential by choice.

On behalf of EABP Board,

Carmen Joanne Ablack

Board of EABP

June 2020